Tired of compromising your privacy on the internet?  Do you want to be in control of your privacy when using the internet?  Are you concerned for your children’s privacy and exposure when using the internet?  Do you sometimes long for the days before the internet compromised so much of our private information? Does big tech (like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon) have too much control of the internet?

The iChuz (pronounced “I Choose”) vision is to create an internet space where most activities and business you do on the internet currently, can be done in a “privacy focused” and “family friendly1” user environment.

This business will create an internet destination, where members (business, individuals, non-profits, etc.) can conduct activities currently done on internet.  EXCEPT all areas of the site will have a privacy and family friendly environment.

For more information contact: [email protected]  

Donat2 Non-Profit

This site will have a privacy and family friendly environment.

100% of funds (minus credit card transaction fees) raised go to the designated campaign.  Campaigns on the site will be divided into the following categories: Individuals; No-Profit; and Business

Fee Structure – A flat fee will be charged at the start of each campaign.  In general, fees will be charged on the basis of a 3-month campaign (standard campaign).  Each category above will have a different fee for a standard campaign.  In some cases, a campaign may be ongoing, and an annual fee will be assessed.

For more information contact: [email protected]