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The U.S. Government is the world's largest customer. The General Services Administration (GSA) is the business manager and purchasing agent for the Federal Government. The GSA purchases just about every type of product and service imaginable for federal agencies. Annually the GSA purchases billions of dollars worth of goods and services from approved vendors.

Green Leaf Corporation can help your company efficiently match your product or services with the forms and information required by the GSA. The forms and information required are very detailed and can be overwhelming. Green Leaf Corporation offers this service as a cost effective alternative to doing it yourself.

For years, small businesses have been sharing in this marketplace. There is no better time than the present for your company to enter this rapidly growing market. The advantages include:

  • Increased Sales

  • Building a performance history that leads to even more sales

  • Selling to the world's largest "recession-proof" client (The federal government buy's what it needs, when it needs it, in spite of economic conditions)

  • Broadened expertise for your company

  • Broader expertise leads leads to even greater company growth!

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