A simple and low cost alternative to newspaper ads!

Traditional newspaper classifieds continue to diminish as the key method of advertising previously used merchandise. The internet continues to grow as a method of classified advertising. COL247.com is a unique locally focused internet classified ad service. The website has G-Rated and family friendly classified ads. This service provides exciting business opportunities on a local area basis.

Although most categories of classified ads are found on the site, targeted users for the site are bargain hunters and those that would like to sell low cost items. The website focuses on connecting neighbors to neighbors, and neighbors to local business and non-profit services like churches or community organizations. Low cost and free items are featured in an effort to help the environment by reducing waste thrown into the garbage.

The website features:

  • G-Rated Family Friendly Ads

  • Basic Subscription is free

  • A simple interface, free of banner advertising

  • Quick and flexible searches

  • Reasonable cost subscriptions coupled with a high value customer focused service

  • Automatic ad expiration after three weeks, manual expiration if when an item sells, and a re-posting option for up to three weeks after expiration

  • Secure subscriber payment, and

  • A site that protects privacy (no release of subscriber information to marketers), no unsolicited email, and that allows no illegal or objectionable content to be posted.

Enter COL247.COM now.  



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