Greenleaf Corporation is a collection of integrity based organizations, dedicated to creative solutions for the small business owner and individuals and strives to improve the community we live in.


Green Leaf Corporation is a government supplier of StopsBleedingtm a sterile plant based powder to stop all types of bleeding (severe to minor). For more information click here..


Our GSA-SBA Services have helped numerous small business expand their market share through the acquisition of GSA Supply Contracts since the year 2000. We can make the overwhelming maze of requirements and government forms disappear and your business grow.  For more information on our GSA contract services please follow the following weblink at:


3PK COMPANY or Protecting Privacy and Protecting Kids. Welcome to a new type of internet. The goal of these websites will be to create options for internet users who desire to support wholesome alternatives to the current internet.  The existing internet is filled with pornography that finds (or even seeks out) us, our children, our family, and our friends.  In addition, personal information is gathered, exploited and shared.  Many times without the consent of the user.  The values of this site and future “umbrella” sites will be to offer alternatives to those who want to protect children and personal information. 




INTERNET FAMILY FRIENDLY LIST ( is the first of many planned alternative internet websites to promote and provide for pornography free and privacy focused user values. The site is the first site under the umbrella 3PK Company. classified ad and homeschool ad sections are free, other sections are free or minimal cost.  The site is intended to help build base members and donors to develop additional alternative internet sites to protect children and privacy. 


List It Forward

LIST IT FORWARD (LIF.IFFLIST.COM) This website List it Forward ( is a parallel classified ad site to where users can list a classified ad item, just like you would for any classified ad site.  However, at the time users list the ad/Item, they would designate a favorite charity to donate the proceeds of the sale to.  The List it Forward site is a partnership with manages collection and distribution of the donated proceeds to the designated charities.  A small transaction fee (currently $7/item sold) is collected and used for the management of the List it Forward transactions.  So whether the item sells for $20 (minimum) or $3000 the transaction fee is $7.  List it Forward does receive a small portion of the $7 transaction fee for being a white label partner.


We realize this site can be improved and we will be working hard to do that.  How quickly we can implement improvements to the and the List it Forward sites and build other 3PK Company umbrella sites depends on two things:

1)      Create a user account and Post ads

2)      Spread the Word – tell friends and family

3)      Suggest to your favorite Non-Profit Organization signup on the List it Forward site.

4)      If you like this option and would like to see it grow Please Donate

Thank you for your interest in this family friendly and privacy focused website.

Green Leaf Corporation is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Business Consultants in Saint Paul MN  

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